Q. Why choose Blossom Bottles?

A. At Blossom Bottles, we create quality reusable water bottles that can be used everyday on the go, as well as for sports and outdoor excursions. Our mission is to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles that are used and discarded on a daily basis and usually end up in landfills or in our oceans. By opting for a reusable bottle instead of a disposable bottle, we hope to help you reduce your daily waste and carbon footprint. We also give back to 1% for the planet with 1% of our yearly revenue towards clean water projects. Let's work together to create a healthier planet and healthier people! 

Q. What is 18/8 (or 304) stainless steel?

A. 18/8 (also called 304) stainless steel is food-grade stainless steel, the highest quality stainless steel available for creating lightweight, durable, made-to-last, non-reactive reusable bottles. Stainless steel is naturally BPA free, as it does not require any inner liner (where BPA is normally found). You can safely use stainless steel with any type of beverage, including hot or cold drinks. 

Q. Is the glass used in your bottles lead and cadmium free?

A. Yes, our glass bottles are tested for heavy metals and certified to be free of metals/foreign substances. We use borosilicate glass for almost all of our glass bottles, which is an especially durable and temperature resistant type of glass. Glass is completely non-reactive, does not have any risk of leaching, and is revered for "purity of taste" - that is, your liquid will remain exactly the same as it was when it entered the bottle. All bottles are Certified FDA and CE (Compliant with US and European Union Standards), CQI, LFGB, and SGS.

Q. Can I use a glass bottle for sporting usage?

A. Yes! We offer certain glass bottles made from resistant borosilicate glass with a silicone sleeve that are suitable for outdoor/sports usage.

Q. Are your bottles BPA free?

A. We do not ever use polycarbonate plastic or plastic liners in our products where BPA is found - therefore all of our bottles are BPA free. 

Q. What material is best for a reusable water bottle?

A. Glass and stainless steel are considered to be the safest materials for beverage storage. Read more here about how to choose the right bottle material for you. 

Q. How long will I have to wait for my order to be delivered?

A. All of our products our shipped from our location in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

We use USPS and UPS for shipping orders in the US, and UPS and DHL for shipping international orders. 

Our processing time includes quality check and packaging of your product (using all recycled and sustainable materials) which takes between 24 and 48 hours. At checkout you can choose the shipping method that best suits your needs, including priority mail options. We use calculated shipping to ensure that you pay the most accurate shipping costs according to the weight of your package and distance to your location from ours. 

Q. What do I do if I receive a broken or damaged product?

A. If your product arrives broken, damaged, or with a manufacturing defect, we will immediately send you a new product, no questions asked. Simply send us an email and include a picture of the damaged product, and we will send you another one.

Q. Can I return my product if I am not satisfied?

A. Of course you can! We accept all returns and exchanges up to 30 days from when you receive your order. Just email us at contact@blossombottles.com to let us know that you'd like to request a refund, and send your return back to us! We will issue your refund as soon as we receive your return. Please note that original shipping costs are non-refundable and return shipping costs are only covered by us in the case of a damaged or defective item. 

Q. Is there someone that I can talk to while I shop if I have questions?

A. We aim to make the online shopping experience just as easy, personal, and pleasurable as shopping in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. If at any point you have a question or just want to talk to someone who can help, don't hesitate to send us a message on our Live Chat! You can also send us an email or shoot us a phone call. We are available at any time from 8 am - 8 pm EST. 

Q. Where are your bottles made?

A. Our bottles are made in China by manufacturers with whom we have a close relationship, who hold themselves to extremely high quality standards for their production methods. Our manufacturers are small companies that ensure that their employees are paid fairly and that their products are made with eco-friendly materials with attention to quality and detail. 

Q. Can I put my bottle in the dishwasher?

A. We recommend hand-washing our all of bottles with warm soapy water and allowing them to air-dry to best uphold the quality and lifespan of the bottle. Double-walled thermal insulated bottles should never be placed in the dishwasher, as this will destroy the bottle's thermal capacity.

Q. Are your bottles insulated?

A. We offer a selection of insulated stainless steel bottles, of both single-wall and double-wall insulation varieties. These can be found in our thermal, tea, and stainless steel collections.

Q. Can I put my bottle in the refrigerator or freezer?

A. You can put any of our bottles in the refrigerator, however we recommend against putting our bottles in the freezer (unless only for a very short period of time). When water freezes, the molecules expand, which could cause rupturing, malformation, and breaking of any reusable bottle. Double-walled insulated bottles should never be put in the freezer for any reason, as this can cause harm to the insulation capacity of the bottle.